We recommend washing on gentle and drying on a lower heat setting (air dry is best).  As with even the best of fleece products, after several washings the fleece may start to pill (despite the "anti-pill" label that comes from the manufacturer).  This will in NO way compromise the function of the coat.  We pride ourselves on crafting a quality product, so if you have any issues with a coat, simply contact us and let us know.

Unlike most coats from the big box stores our Winter Coats and our House/ Security Coats are reversible, so its like having two coats for the price of one!!

At Posh Pet Coats we have a rolling inventory of designs.  As soon as one print is out of stock a new one will take its place.   If you don't find  what you're looking for contact us and tell us and we will be happy to work with you to create the perfect coat.

Our Winter Coat is a heavier coat for keeping your pet warm in colder temperatures.  They are made of anti-pill fleece.  One layer is a lighter weight printed fleece while the other layer is a thicker warmer fleece.  A Winter Coat from Posh Pet Coats will surely keep your pet comfy and cozy when they have to be out in the elements.

The Rain Jackets are a lightweight printed anti-pill fleece covered by a waterproof nylon that will keep your pet dry on those rainy days.   This may also help to keep your house and furniture a little drier too!  Our Rain Jacket is also a wind breaker to use on those breezy spring and fall days.  The fleece will keep your pet warm while the layer of ripstop nylon helps to block the wind.

Our House/ Security Coats are a layer of stylish and fun cotton/polyester fabric on a soft solid colored fleece.  These coats are ideal for pets with less hair who can get chilly indoors.  They are a bit lighter weight than the winter coats and can also be used in the spring and fall as outdoor coats.  Another great use for this particular style is for pets who have anxiety.  Also called Thunder Coats, these coats can act as a security for your pet to help calm them when they are in a situation that may make them nervous or scared (i.e thunderstorms, fireworks, car rides...).

All of our coats are personally handcrafted with love and pride.

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